Colonoscopy preparation instructions

You will need a three (3) sachet pack of Picoprep.

BOWEL CLEANING Correct bowel preparation is very important. If not done properly, abnormalities may be missed, or the test may need to be cancelled or rescheduled.

48 Hours (two days) before colonoscopy: LOW FIBRE ONLY

Food you can have: Cornflakes/rice bubbles only, white bread, white rice, white pasta, well cooked peeled potatoes or pumpkin, plain biscuits, strained fruit juice, skin-less chicken, grilled/steamed fish, milk/cream, sugar, honey, vegemite, boiled sweets, salt, “clear fluids” (please see below for a description of clear fluids).

Food not allowed: Cereals, brown/wholemeal bread, brown rice, fruit, vegetables, red meat, fried eggs, cheese, oils, jams, condiments, chocolate, food with seeds.

24 Hours (one day) before colonoscopy: CLEAR FLUIDS ONLY IF YOU CAN READ A NEWSPAPER THROUGH THE FLUID, IT’S CLEAR. NO food, NO solids, NO full dairy/milk.

Food you can have: Water, clear fruit juices (apple, pear, grape), jelly, Bonox, black tea/coffee, carbonated beverages, clear cordials (lemon/lime), sports drinks. Clear low salt broth/bouillon (STRAIN chicken/ beef/vegetable noodle soups). You may suck barley sugars.

Avoid red or purple food colourings. Take care to avoid dehydration. Drink minimum of 2-3 glasses of clear fluids throughout the day at each: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and evening (and test morning for afternoon test) then fast 6 hours before test.

 If you are taking: iron tablets, please omit them one week prior to your procedure. Aspirin, Warfarin, Iscover, Plavix, Pradaxa or other anticolagulant medications should be taken as usual unless otherwise instructed by your specialist. Other medications should be taken as usual with a sip of water in the early morning on the day of the procedure.

Preparation: Stir and dissolve each Picoprep sachet in 250ml glasses of warm water. Prepare in advance and chill, and/or add lemon juice to improve taste. Drink the Picoprep slowly as shown. Also drink at least 2 glasses of clear fluids or water in between each Picoprep to prevent dehydration. Expect diarrhea within a few hours. Remember to FAST 6 hours before the test.

If your colonoscopy is before midday: take all three sachets the day before.

If your colonoscopy is after midday: take 2 sachets the day before, then one on the day of the test.

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